Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Llanymynech Toposcope

Finally finished and installed, up Llanymynech hill, an old lime quarry which is now a site of scientific interest. A steep and narrow, climb with only a wheelbarrow to transport it all to the top, well done Gideon and Lee, a test of human endurance, and it rained!  The toposcope bottom panels are mild steel and shows the timeline of the site and the top panel, stainless steel, explains what you can see. If you are passing take a look the view is stunning, wild orchids and peregrine falcons along the way and now something interesting to see on top and somewhere to sit,  many thanks to Creu-ad, Llanymynech Limeys and everyone involved in making it happen.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Welcome to our new blog. Here you will find images and information of work that we are doing and a back catalog of work that we've completed. Please feel free to have a good look around and if you would like to follow us ..... please do!
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